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Refurbished Machines Available: TFP3051, KCR0448, KCR0951
TFP3051 21M Controller Upgrades: USB Drive Unit and LCD Display Unit
Oxy Propane Torch Attachment Option for Twister TFP3062 extends steel cutting thickness to 2 inches.
Twister TFP6062 6 x 12 300Amp (60kw)
Twister TFP3062 6 x 12

Komatsu Plasma Cutting Systems are a cost effective alternative to laser cutters, by providing precision quality cutting at lower initial cost and production cost. The TFP6062 6 x 12 300 Amp (60kw) has a 6 x 12 ft. table, FANUC 0iMD CNC, and gas controls next to the CNC. A USB port can be used to load NC programs. The TFP6062 has twice the cutting power of the TFP3062 6 x 12 150 Amp (30kw).

The Oxy Propane Attachment Option extends the steel maximum cutting thickness from one inch to two inches (25mm to 50mm).

Twister TFPL Series
Twister TFPL Series

The TFPL Blade Series machines have table widths of 8 ft. or 10 ft., and standard lengths of 20 or 40 feet, and a choice of Twister 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma power unit or the new modual plasma power unit configured as 60 kW (300 Amp) or 100 kW (525 Amp). Extended length tables up to 100 ft. are available.

TFPL Blade 525 Amp 100kw
TFPL1082 100kw 8x20 TFPL Blade
The Twister TFPL Blade Series Machines are large table machines featuring a modular plasma power unit design for the 60kw 300 Amp and above machines. The top of the line 100kw 525 Amp machine is capable of cutting mild steel up to 50mm (2.0"). The TFPL Blade Series machines are available with a cutting area in 8 and 10 foot widths, with standard lengths of 20 or 40 ft. Custom lengths are available in 1 meter increments to about 100 ft. More information...
Refurbished Machines
Rasor 5 x 10

The Cutting Technologies Division is in a continuous cycle to provide Refurbished Twister Cutting Machines, Factory Rebuilt and Recertified Rasor 5x10 Cutting Machines with 120 or 90 Amp Fine Plasma, and Rasor 4x8 Cutting Machines with 40 Amp Fine Plasma.

Twister TFP3051
Twister TFP3051

The Twister TFP3051 Mark IIIα is the latest model 5x10 30 kW (150 Amp) CNC Fine Plasma cutting system from Komatsu. All Komatsu Plasma Cutters feature arc voltage height control. Marking is done using the plasma torch and argon gas. The extended stroke high body option increases capacity for steel tube cutting. See the article, "Changing Strategies, How to cut steel plate faster than a laser or waterjet" in the Plasma Technology section of the February FFJournal.
You can see a demo of this machine near our Chicago headquarters.

Consumable and Spare Parts are available for all of the Rasor and Twister Fine Plasma cutting Machines. Order by phone, FAX, or Online!
Service Telephone support and on-site service for all Rasor and Twister Fine Plasma cutting machines is available. One year Planned Service Programs are available to keep your cutting machines in top running condition. Mechanical Overhaul for your current Rasor Cutting Machine is available. Get your Rasor running like new again! Customers may login for online manuals and bulletins.
Rasor Server, Rasor Nest, PathMaster, SofTool 3D Library software keep your Rasor, Twister, and KPCL plasma cutting tables busy in your job shop, industrial or steel service center application. This software is supported on Windows Vista and previous versions of Windows.

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