Komatsu - Cutting Technologies Division (CTD) is a division of Komatsu America Industries LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. We provide cost effective solutions for your metal plate cutting needs. In addition to providing on going service and support for the Rasor Fine Plasma Cutting Systems, we now offer the latest innovations in Fine Plasma cutting systems from Komatsu: the new Twister Series of Fine Plasma Units and Precision Cutting Tables. The patented precision plasma units and torches produce narrow kerf widths, square edges and predictable close tolerances for material thickness from .025" (.64 mm) through 1.500" (36 mm). Our experienced staff is ready to support your existing Rasor machines, and offer sales and support for the new Twister Fine Plasma machines.

Komatsu Fine Plasma power supplies, torches, and cutting machines are designed and built by Komatsu Industries Corporation (KIC). It also manufactures other fabrication machinery and provides services worldwide. In North America, Komatsu America Industries, Cutting Technologies Division sells and services Komatsu Fine Plasma products, while the Press Technology Division (PTD) and Large Sized Press Technology Division (LSPD) sell and service Komatsu Press Products.

Komatsu CTD was previosly known as Komatsu Cutting Technologies, Inc. (KCT), before becoming a division of Komatsu America Industries LLC. Main Offices are now combined with the Komatsu America construction and mining equipment headquarters in Rolling Meadows IL. Service, support, and part and consumables sales for plasma cutting equipment are located at the Boston area offices in Wilmington MA. The Boston area offices moved from Woburn MA to Wilmington MA in October 2009.

Patented Precision Cutting Process

Fine Plasma is Komatsu's patented precision plasma process featuring a high velocity, high density plasma arc magnetically focused to eliminate jet deviation and arc instability. The Twister series incorporates Komatsu's latest patented plasma cutting technologies.

Komatsu Fine Plasma Systems are ideal for the vast majority of industrial light and heavy metal cutting applications.
Mission Statement

To be your premier source providing cost effective, high productivity, precision plate cutting capabilities, which provide high quality precision cut parts.

To provide, through high quality performance, continuous product improvement, new features utilizing the latest technologies available, telephone, field service and maintenance support outstanding product quality to meet and exceed our customers requirements. Komatsu is committed to providing innovative products and services that best meet the needs and expectations of our most precious asset. . . .our customers.

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