Komatsu KPCL KPCL System includes:
  • Komatsu's patented Fine Plasma magnetically focused cutting head.
  • A ruggedly built, CNC metal cutting machine tool, complete with a revolutionary torch height control.
  • FANUC 18 MA controller.
  • Zoned Fume Exhaust Table for Efficient Dust Fume Removal
  • Several Table Sizes
  • Optional 120 Amp Fine Plasma
Komatsu's KPCL Fine Plasma Cutting System combines Komatsu's proprietary torch technology and 300 amp Fine Plasma power supply with a precision rack and pinion/linear motion guide drive system, to provide extremely accurate, straight edge cuts in material thickness up to 1.50" (36 mm) in mild steel, 1.18" (30 mm) in aluminum, and 1.18" (30 mm) in stainless steel. Cut speeds are far superior to oxy-fuel, conventional plasma and even high-powered laser-cutting machines. The machines may have an additional optional 120 Amp Fine Plasma torch for cutting thinner material.

KCT continues to offer Service, Parts, and Consumables for these machines. Used machines are sometimes available.

For a new machine, consider the Twister TFPL Series with 60 kW Fine Plasma (300 Amp) or 30 kW Fine Plasma (150 Amp). It features many technology enhancements to improve productivity and part quality.