Rasor™ Rev V2.0 Software Available
      A new version of the controller software for the Rasor™ Rev controller and new Rasor™ 5x10 controller is available. The new V2.0 Software contains Nesting and SofTool 2D Shape Library at the controller. Optional software that may be installed on the controller or on a separate Windows computer includes PathMaster for Windows, and the SofTool 3D library.
  • Improved Consumable Life
  • On Line Nesting
  • Graphical Part Viewing
  • Picture Index (thumbnails)
  • SofTool 2D Shape Library
  • SofTool 3D Shape Library (Optional)
  • PathMaster for Windows (Optional)
View a Demo of the V2.0 Software Features. (Files are large and may take a while to load).

Click on screens on the right to view a larger image.

If you are a Rasor customer who uses the PathMaster for UnixWare software, a demo version of PathMaster for Windows that lets you use all of the functions on a trial basis is available for download or on a CD. The trial version is limited to writing 5 files. To enable the full features, including writing files, for a limited period of time you can also call to get a Temporary Activation Code.

You will need a special user ID and password to download the 5.5Mb demo version. Call 1-800-707-2767 to get one.

After you get the demo User ID and Password,
Click here to download the demo versions of the software.