SofTool 3D Library V1.05 for Windows
The SofTool 3D MultiPart Fabrication Libary produces flat layouts of some commonly used 3D shapes. These flat layouts can be used by Rasor Nest and PathMaster. The SofTool 3D Library software is available for Windows98SE/Me/NT/2K/XP/Vista computers.

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From PathMaster or Rasor Nest you will then be able to select a part from the library, enter the dimensions, and have the resulting flat layouts added to a part, or to a job for nesting.

Features of the SofTool 3D Library software are:

  • Install on your own Windows98SE/Me/NT/2K/XP/Vista computer
  • Library of 35 3D Shapes to choose from.
  • Use flat layouts in a PathMaster part.
  • Add 3D library parts with dimensions to jobs in Rasor Nest.
  • Call up 3D shape and enter dimensions from PathMaster or Rasor Nest.
  • Online manual.

A trial version of the SofTool 3D Library for Windows is available for download. You can get a Temporary Activation Code to enable the full functions of the library for a limited period of time. You will need your User ID and Password to download the demo version. Call 1-800-707-2767 to get them.

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After you get your User ID and Password,

Click Here to download the demo version of the SofTool 3D Library for Windows.

Once you have the software installed you will need a Temporary Activation code to enable the full features of the library.
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To order online, click here and enter your customer User ID and Password.

Once you have purchased the software you will be sent a CD with the software, and a security key device that plugs into a USB or parallel (printer) port if we have not already given you one with one of our other Windows software packages. The security key must be installed and a Permanent Activation Code must be entered to fully enable the software.
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