TFP3051 - Laser Fabrication & Machine Co.
The following is a summary of an article from the February 2009 issue of FFJournal in the Plasma Technology section titled: "Changing Strategies, How to cut steel plate faster than a laser or waterjet" by Russ Olexa, Editor-at-Large
FFJournal, Plasma Technology, February 2009

Alvin Thacker, president of Laser Fabrication & Machine Co. of Wellington Alabama talks about personal experience in machine shops, resulting in his setting up his business focusing on metal cutting using laser and more recently water jet machines. Now with 4 laser machines and one water jet he has added a Twister TFP3051 plasma machine aimed at the 1/2 in. to 1 in. range where his other machines were having problems cutting efficiently. He chose the Twister because of the cut accuracy and cut quality.

Comparing the plasma system with his water jet he finds that the water jet cuts thick plate slower, and costs more to run.

Comparing the plasma with the laser he has found that that the laser will struggle to cut 1/2 in. plate at 60 IPM while the Twister will cut it at 120 IPM. Also cutting plate that is rusty, oily, or has mill scale will cause problems for laser, while it doesn't bother the plasma systems at all. Setup time on the laser is also an issue, as it could take 1/2 a day to get the parameters right for the plate to be cut, and then you need to do it all over again for the next plate.

The Twister TFP3051 features a 5 ft. x 10 ft. cutting area and 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma torch. The TFP3051 has a maximum working height of 5 in. (125 mm). The Twister TFP3051 with High Body Factory Installed Option extends the maximum working height to 11.8 in. (300 mm).
The Twister TFP3062 is similar in design and features a 6 ft. x 12 ft. cutting area and 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma torch.
If you need larger table sizes or more power, check out the Twister TFPL Series featuring table widths of 8 or 10 feet, in 20 or 40 foot lengths, with either the 30 kW or 60 kW (300 Amp) Fine Plasma torch.