Buy a new Twister! Trade in your old Rasor 5x10!
Twister TFP3051, 5 x 10, 30 kW Fine Plasma Superior cost performance and cutting quality equivalent to laser cutting thanks to Komatsu's original technology.
Cost performance far superior to laser cutting and high quality work equal to laser cutting. The advent of twister fine plasma is changing the norm for cutting work.

High Productivity

Major improvement in cutting speed thanks to higher output power sources and high-speed twister gas. Better productivity than with laser cutting.

High Productivity

High Quality Cutting
Dross generated during plate cutting drastically reduced due to high-speed twister gas. Cutting quality equivalent to laser cutting.

Twister Features

Drastically reduced dross

Anti spatter spray through torch

Arc Voltage precisely controls height

Spatter Shield during pierce

Shorter pierce time

Quick Change Consumables

Main Gas Flow Control improves Cut Quality

Push Pull work area zoned exhaust system
High Cost Performance
Massive improvement in cost performance over laser cutting in terms of both running and initial costs.
High Cost Performance

Part Samples

Part Samples

30 kW Torch (150 Amp)

Main Specifications

Model TFP3051
Plasma output power kW 30
Amp 150
Max. material thickness mm 25
in 1
Max. pierce thickness mm 25
in 1
Cutting area dimension
mm 3050x1525
in 120 x 60
Traverse speed X-axis m/min 25
IPM 1000
Y-axis m/min 40
IPM 1500
Z-axis m/min 10
IPM 390
Driving method
(X, Y,)
Rack&pinion+Linear guide
Driving method (Z)
Ball-screw+Linear guide
Positioning accuracy mm 0.1
in 0.004
Positioning repeatability mm 0.05
in 0.002
The Twister TFP3051 featuring a 5 ft. x 10 ft. cutting area and 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma torch is available NOW!
The TFP3051 has a maximum working height of 5 in. (125 mm). The Twister TFP3051 with High Body Factory Installed Option extends the maximum working height to 11.8 in. (300 mm).
If you need larger table sizes or more power, check out the Twister TFPL Series featuring table widths of 8 or 10 feet, in 20 or 40 foot lengths, with either the 30 kW or 60 kW (300 Amp) Fine Plasma torch.

"Winds of Change", Plasma Technology Section, FFJournal, Feb. 2007 (PDF 1.1Mb)
Twister TFP3051 and TFPL Series Brochure (PDF 1.73 Mb, 12 Pages) *
Movie of TFP3051 Cutting (WMV 37 sec, 2.5 Mb)
Movie of TFP3051 Features and Cutting (WMV 5m08s, 39 Mb)
Movie of an installed TFP3051 in action (WMV 34MB 9m13s)
Specification is in metric units. Units in inches are approximate.
Technology in the TFP3051 and TFPL Series is protected by US Patents, and other Patents Pending.
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