TFPV 60 kW (300 Amp) - 1/2 in. Sample Bevel Cuts
Root Twister TFPV 60 kW (300 Amp) Sample Bevel Cuts, Mild Steel, 0.5 in. [Previous 1.0 in. Sample]
Lengths of Twister TFPL Series machines can be extended in 1 meter increments up to 30 meters (about 100 feet). The standard Twister TFPL Series feature table widths of 8 or 10 feet, in 20 or 40 foot lengths, with either the 30 kW or 60 kW (300 Amp) Fine Plasma torch. For a smaller table, see the TFP3051 which has a 5 ft. x 10 ft. table and 30 kW (150 Amp) Twister Fine Plasma. A Bevel Cutting torch is available in the Twister TFPV Series machines.

Root Twister News Release, November 14, 2006 (258 kb, 2 Pages) *
Specification is in metric units. Units in inches are approximate.
Technology in the TFP3051, TFPL Series, and TFPV Series is protected by US Patents, and other Patents Pending.
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