Rasor™ Server V1.1 Software Now Available
This software package is now available for Windows98SE/Me/NT/2K/XP/Vista computers. The Rasor™ Server V1.1 provides DNC, "Direct Numerical Control", using the RS232 serial ports to the original Rasor 5x10 and 4x8 Cutting machines. Previously, this capability was only provided on the UnixWare and VENIX workstations.

Note: When using this software on Windows Vista it must be run with Administrator priviledges so that it can maintain the data about the serial port configuration.

If you have already tried the demo, or you are ready to order online now, click here and enter your customer User ID and Password.

Optional software that may be installed on same computer includes Rasor Nest or Rasor Report, PathMaster for Windows, and the SofTool 3D Library. The Rasor Server may also be installed on the Rasor Rev controller, so that the original Rasor 5x10 and 4x8 machines can access the same NC files as used on the Rasor Rev.

Features of the Rasor Server software are:

  • Install on your own Windows98SE/Me/NT/2K/XP/Vista computer
  • DNC for up to 12 Rasor Cutting machines. One serial RS232 port is required to connect to each Rasor (Rasor APS requries 2). Normally, PCs have two serial COM ports. (Additional hardware is required for additional ports.)
  • OCU Menu File Management
  • Postion Correction File Management
  • View and Verify NC files.
  • View CAD Files (DXF, DWG, and IGES).
  • Online User Manual and Help Files.
  • Online Rasor Machine Manuals.
  • SofTool 2D Shape Library
  • SofTool 3D Shape Library (Optional)
  • PathMaster for Windows (Optional)
  • Media Transfer Services (Optional)

A trial version of Rasor Server for Windows is available for download. You will need your User ID and Password to download the 8Mb demo version. Call 1-800-707-2767 to get one.

Click on screens above to view a larger image.

After you have your User ID and Password,

Click Here to download the demo version of the Rasor Server for Windows.

Once you have the software installed you will need to enter an activation code to enable the trial period. Call and give us the "Installation Key" number that appears in the "Help | About | Activate..." dialog box, and you will be given the activation code for the trial period.
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To order online, click here and enter your customer User ID and Password.

Once you have purchased the software you will be sent a CD with the software, and security key device that plugs into the parallel (printer) port. The security key must be installed and a Permanent Activation code must be entered to fully enable the software.
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Media Conversion Services
To prepare to use the Rasor Server, you may want to take advantage of our media conversion services. You send us a UnixWare backup tape of your system, or UnixWare or VENIX diskettes, and we will send you back the files on CD-ROM. The prices for this service are as follows:
  • UnixWare Rasor CAM Files from Tape to CD-ROM: $250 per tape.
  • UnixWare Rasor CAM Files from SCSI Hard Disk to CD-ROM: $500.
  • UnixWare or VENIX diskette to CD-ROM: $15 per diskette, minimum charge $300 for up to 20 diskettes