Rasor™ Contoller V3.0 Upgrades
Hardware and Software upgrades are available for the Windows based Rasor Rev controllers models KCR-12612, KCR-12620, KCR-12624, KCR-12812, KCR-12820 and Rasor controller KCR-12510. The upgrades include a new computer, touch screen, Windows XP operating system, V3.0 Controller software, and optional new model controller board. The V3.0 Software contains simple Nesting and SofTool 2D Shape Library at the controller. Optional software that may be installed on the controller or on a separate Windows computer includes Rasor Nest, PathMaster, and the SofTool 3D library.

If your current ACR8000 or ACR8010 controller board fails, you will need to upgrade your computer in order to be able to use the new ACR8020 controller board. Repair and replacement of ACR8000 and ACR8010 boards is no longer possible.

Computer, Controller Board, Touch Screen, Software
  Industrial PC17 in. touch screen for KCR-12510 Industrial PC with Intel Pentium Processor
Keyboard and Mouse
ACR8020 Acroloop Controller Board
19" or 17" Touch Screen LCD Monitor *
Version 3.0 Controller Software
PathMaster, Nesting, and 3D Library Software
Windows XP Professional Operating System
1 Year Warranty on Industrial PC (Parts Only)
1 Year Warranty on Acroloop Board (Part Only)
Includes Installation, Process and Programming Training, and Travel Expenses

Optional Software Available:
  Rasor Software CD PathMaster
Rasor Nest
SofTool 3D Library
Rasor Server for Rasor Models KCR-0448, KCR-0451, KCR-0951, KCR-1251
Additional computer and seat licenses for this software are available.

  *  19" touch screen monitor is for Rasor Rev II models 126xx and 128xx
   17" touch screen monitor is for Rasor model 12510
PSP service plan discounts apply.
Lead time 4 to 6 weeks